Sunday, December 15, 2019

Cutesy the Elf 2019 Days 11 - 15

Cutesy the Elf is surprising us in new and fun ways every day.

Day 11: Cutesy forgot to move during the night and tried to hurriedly get into his astronaut outfit before wake-up time. It was a sad effort, indeed.
Day 12: Cutesy made up for his sad effort the day before by going all out on a new balloon door decorations for Boogs. Cutesy recently learned that you can use a low temperature glue gun on balloons without popping them. He made a balloon wreath for Boogs' door.
 Boogs liked it. 
 Boogs even wore the wreath for a little while and it didn't pop or fall apart.
Last year's balloon decoration is still on the back of Boogs' bedroom door. Now, I'm not saying Boogs' is a hoarder but...
That mess on the back of his door was a Christmas Tree door decoration last year. It has definitely had a rough year.
Cutesy has a habit of making ballon door decorations. Our favorite is this one from two years ago. It looks like a string of giant Christmas tree lights. 

Day 13: Boogs was not very thrilled when he saw the Algebra page Cutesy brought for him to solve. Cutesy found the page on
 But, he finished it.
Day 14: Cutesy showed up with a can of Pringles with the Pringles Ring Challenge taped to the side of the can. Cutesy must have taken that picture and found the challenge idea at Sunflowers To STEM. We will have to check back in with Boogs after he completes the challenge.
Day 15: Cutesy surprised Boogs with a fun game that he found on the 50% off rack at World Market.
Both players wear soft velcro strip helmets and throw balls at each other to make them stick to the velcro. Boogs and I had a great time chasing each other around the house. It was a good laugh.
What have your elves been doing while visiting this year?

If you are curious about times Cutesy has visited us, check out his Pinterest board HERE.

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