Friday, January 18, 2019

Canada Science and Technology Museum

The Canada Science and Technology Museum in Ottawa has been fully renovated. When Boogs was younger, we visited this museum every time we were in Ottawa. It was closed for three years for renovation and reopened last year. We spent Christmas at home in Texas last year so this was our first opportunity to experience the new museum. GP and GM came with us.
The museum has added a video wall at the entrance of the museum. It was showing an underwater exploration video when we arrived and later showed a volcanic explosion.
The museum exhibits have almost completely changed. Boogs was happy to see that a couple of train engines were still housed in the museum. You are able to go up the stairs and sit in the conductor's seat.
 We found out how hard it is to climb onto a tall antique bicycle
The sound room, was Boogs' favorite exhibit area. This is a gigantic record player. You can choose from 6 songs. The "record" can be spun by hand. You can change the spend, change the direction, and even change songs while you spin it.
The Theremin is a unique instrument. You play it by moving your hands up and down in between two antenna. Daddy was able to make it sound the most like music.
 There were tons of electronic exhibits and buttons to push.
 Boogs was happy to see that they kept the crooked house.
This exhibit was kind of fun. You take a picture of yourself and it removes your eyes and mouth and turns them upside down.
Boogs must have moved while his picture was being taken. He ended up with a double mouth.
 Mine just looked plain creepy. It did not quite line up, either.
Boogs was able to defy gravity in the professor's lab.
 Daddy enjoyed exploring the museum.
Boogs was a little disappointed in our visit to the museum this year. He has always loved this museum so much. With the renovations, the museum claims to have made it more "interactive". Boogs would disagree. The old museum had lots of hands-on activities and vehicles to climb on, things to go inside, things to move and manipulate, etc. Now the majority of the "interactive" features are digital. Boogs said, he could practically do all that at home from his cozy chair with an internet connection. He said he enjoyed visiting it but not as much as the old one.

I enjoyed the museum. There were so many things to see. It was nice that Boogs is old enough for the adults to spend time looking at the exhibits instead of making sure he doesn't get lost. GM and GP said they enjoyed it, too.

Grandmaman let Boogs pick out a souvenir from the museum shop. Boogs picked out two miniature hockey sticks. Daddy and Boogs had fun playing with them in GM's basement.
Boogs is undecided on whether or not he will want to visit this museum in future years.

We had so much fun spending time with GP and GM during this holiday season. We already miss them terribly and are counting down the days until next Christmas.

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