Sunday, June 19, 2016

4th Grade Lunches

Boogs lunches this year have made me a little sad. As a big 4th grader, he is "a little too old for cute lunches". He lets me get away with a story themed cute lunch every once in a while.

We read The Last Day of School by Louise Borden the night before I packed Boogs' last lunch of 4th grade. Boogs asked me to pack a lunch with "a little bit of charm" for his last 4th grade lunch. In the lunchbox: provolone clock on top of ham sandwich, sunflower seeds, Pringles, berries, salad, and yogurt.
In December, I was contacted by author Karen Rostoker-Gruber about a lunch I made inspired by her book, Ferret Fun. She thought is was cute. I made this lunch when Boogs was in Kindergarten. It has a pb&j ferret, a boiled egg ferret, apple, broccoli, and carrots.
I picked up the sequel to Ferret Fun, Ferret Fun in the Sun, on Amazon. In this book, Fudge and Einstein have an adventure in Arizona. Boogs thought it was a cute story. In the lunchbox: Fudge and Einstein drawn on cheese on top of a grilled cheese sandwich, ferret spelled with Cheez-It Scrabble crackers, a rattlesnake drawn on a pineapple fruit cup, marshmallow with a sun, and a salad.
Love and Roast Chicken: A Trickster Tale From the Andes Mountains by Barbara Knutson
I saw this book in my school's library and had to bring it home to read to Boogs. In this story, a little guinea pig outsmarted a hungry fox three times. The guinea pig also tricked an alfalfa farmer into letting him eat as much alfalfa as his stomach could hold. In the lunchbox: sandwich with fox hiding from the fire in a cave, guinea pig drawn on marshmallow, salad, oranges, and Chex Mix.

Here are some regular lunches I sent to school with Boogs. I love packing his lunch in my Easy Lunchboxes. You can find the lunchboxes HERE.
Boogs and I read all three of James Patterson's Treasure Hunter books. They tell about a family of four children who are searching for their missing parents. Along the way, the kids work together to solve many problems. Boogs and I both enjoyed reading this series.

More regular lunches:
This Wacky Wednesday lunch was made for Dr. Seuss' Birthday.
Star Wars lunch for May the 4th Be With You Day. It has a Storm trooper boiled egg, Chewy & C-3PO mini sandwiches, salami, tomato BB-8 on top of salad, blueberry space with a light saber pick, and Cheez-It Star Wars crackers.
I don't remember why I made this seal lunch.
I think we are pretty much done with cute lunches. Boogs has aged-out of wanting them. He will be a great big 5th grader next year. He did say that he will let me make him a special lunch for the first day of school but maybe not any after that. We shall see.

To see my collection of Story Themed Lunches on Pinterest, click HERE .


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    1. Thank you. Great books like yours make it easy and fun to come up with story themed lunches.