Thursday, July 23, 2015

Story Themed Lunches

The Kid Lit Blog Hop is a twice monthly (except during the summer) blog hop devoted to children's literature. You can hop from the link-up to find book reviews, author interviews, book comparisons, book recommendations, and more. It was through the Kid Lit Blog Hop that I found the book these two lunches were based on - The Ninja Librarian by Rebecca M. Douglass.

Skunk Corners is a small town with many issues. It is a community of illiterate people who are proud to stay that way. The unfriendly townspeople have chased away several librarians and are expecting to get rid of the new librarian just as easily as the last ones. Big Al, the school teacher, feels that there is something special about the new librarian, Tom. She warns Tom about some of the sneaky ways the townspeople are trying to get rid of him. Big Al should not have concerned herself about Tom. It turns out, Tom is not an ordinary librarian. The black handkerchief in his jacket pocket is actually a Ninja mask. Tom was able to use his Ninja skills to clear the library of some unsavory folks plotting to run him out of town. He also managed to scoot a skunk right out the door before it sprayed its nasty smell. This is the lunch I made after Boogs (my 9-year-old son) and I read the first chapter of The Ninja Librarian.
In the ELB lunchbox: pb&j Ninja Tom sandwich with fruit leather Ninja mask and candy eyes, Babybel cheese with a skunk drawn on top, pita chip library books, sesame stick booby traps, salad with READ radish letters, and plum slices.

Boogs and I really enjoyed reading this book.  We took turns reading to each other. I loved listening to Boogs read the character's words with a twangy Southern accent. Each chapter is kind of a self-contained short story. We are having fun repeating a question that is asked in almost chapter: Does that completely answer your question?

Tom is able to quietly and gently steer the townspeople into becoming more literate and to work together as a community. His best pupil is Big Al. Tom guides Big Al to develop her own problem solving skills.

Boogs asked for another Ninja Librarian lunch. This lunch is based on the last chapter of the book in which Big Al uses her problem solving skills to get rid of some out-of-town toughs who are trying to take over Skunk Corners. I won't give away her plan, but you might be able to figure out a little bit of her plan by reading what is in this lunch.
In the lunchbox: pb&j train sandwich with sleeping ZZZs coming out of the top of the last train car, cheese stick railroad tracks, pistachio moon, blueberry night sky, Pringles moonlight, and carrot stars.

We finished reading The Ninja Librarian last night and Boogs is already asking if we can get the next book, Return to Skunk Corners.

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