Friday, September 5, 2014

Lunches - Second Week of 3rd Grade

Boogs' lunches are usually inspired by the books we read together. Story time is part of our daily bedtime routine.  I usually post his lunches once a week. Click on the "lunches" label at the end of this post to see lunches from previous weeks. We like to pack our lunches in ELBs and Laptop Lunchboxes.  

Boogs is reading more chapter books than picture books these days. We are in the middle of reading Floors together. We may have several Floors lunches as we continuing this book. 

Floors by Patrick Carman
Leo lives and works in the most amazing and unusual hotel in New York City, the Whippet Hotel. His father is the hotel's maintenance man. Leo is often called upon to help keep the hotel in proper running order. The Whippet Hotel is owned and was designed by Merganzer Whippet, an inventor of wacky inventions. Mr. Whippet created each room with a special theme in mind. The Pinball Room actually feels like you are staying inside a giant pinball machine. As the story begins, the reader learns that Mr. Whippet has been missing for 100 days. Leo is busily taking care of the hotel ducks when he discovers a large purple box in the duck elevator. The box had a little tag on it that said, "For Leo." It contained a miniature version of the Room of Rings and a note telling Leo he was the only hope to save the Whippet Hotel.  Leo learned he had only two days to find and complete the instructions from four boxes. Leo's first task led him into the Pinball Room to collect a special ball.

Boogs and I are looking forward to reading what happens next.
In the Laptop Lunchbox: mango, broccoli covered with LEO radish circles, pb&j elevator door sandwich, Babybel Leo riding with the ducks on the duck elevator, and pumpernickle pretzel stick for Betty the duck.

The Tooth Fairy Wars by Kate Coombs
Boogs has another loose tooth. He has lost eight baby teeth and is leaning toward not believing in the Tooth Fairy. I saw this book at Barnes & Noble and knew Boogs would love it. 

When Nathan lost his first tooth, he knew he wanted to keep it. He was very upset the next morning when he discovered his tooth was missing and a dollar bill was in its place. As he looses each consecutive tooth, Nathan tries to keep the Tooth Fairy from taking his teeth. He builds forts guarded by army men, honey and itch powder traps, and hides his teeth in unusual places. Nothing works! He even tried writing a nice letter asking the Tooth Fairy to let him keep his teeth. The next time the Tooth Fairy came, she left him a letter informing Nathan "According to Regulation 8439-H, paragraph 7, should the dentulous relinquisher object to said transaction, he or she shall be referred to Office 11 of the Tertiary Fay Division of Rates and Exchanges, 15th League of Enchanted Commerce." The letter went on to say he could file a case and it might be 25,990 years before he heard an answer. This did not please Nathan at all.  He kept finding better ways to protect his teeth. Finally, the Tooth Fairy had enough and sent in a special squad to take care of Nathan and his mischief.  Nathan was prepared and took care of the special squad. Eventually, he received a certificate granting him exemption from the Tooth Fairy's service.

Boogs read this book several times this week. We are planning on making a few Tooth Fairy traps this weekend so Boogs can be prepared when his next tooth falls out.

In the Laptop Lunchbox: ham&cheese tooth sandwich with Tooth Fairy on top, pretzels & green bean chips for building traps, salad, applesauce for eating when you have a loose tooth, and yogurt.

A couple of the lunches I sent this week were just food put in a box. Boogs likes story themed better than these "regular" lunches.
In the ELB lunchbox: green bean chips, pretzels, granola bar, ham surrounded by cheese, pistachios, grapes, spinach, carrots, and tomatoes.

In the ELB lunchbox: pear, carrots with hummus, ham, pickles, 1/2 Hawaiian roll, and yogurt.

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  1. I have GOT to get my hands on Floors for John!!! Tom and I both work in hotels ... and Tom is in maintenance at his!

  2. Karen, it is a fun book. Some of the amazon reviewers think it comes across like "video game instructions". I did not find that to be true. Boogs is really in to video games right.

  3. Wow, I love the sound of Floors, must pin it right now. Thanks for sharing your wonderful lunches with us and for joining us on the Kid Lit Blog Hop

    1. Boogs has already asked when we are going to get the next two books in the series. He has even decided to use this book for his "book review" assignment for class.

  4. Hopping over from the Kid Lit Blog Hop. I love these ideas for lunches.

  5. Floors has been on my list of must reads too! DD just started reading longer chapter books, so am waiting it out. But the whole premise sounds real Fun! thanks for sharing on KidLit BlogHop this week :)

    1. Boogs and I read it together. He usually begins reading each chapter then I take over after a couple of pages and finish the chapter.

  6. Oh, what fun books and lunches as usual!! Thanks for sharing at Sharing Saturday!!