Saturday, February 9, 2013

Boogs' Projects

Boogs always reminds me when the first Saturday of the month is coming up. He loves going to Home Depot for their Kids Workshop. This month, the project was to build a Valentine box.

Boogs is starting to read the directions on his own.

We are still working on figuring out the right amount of wood glue.

Yay! He didn't hit my finger this time.

He was very proud of his building skills.

Boogs said, "I will paint the heart red but then I am not going to use any other girly color!"


Our public library has a wonderful weekly program for elementary kids called Explorers Club. We love the library!

Ms. Kit read a few stories about birthdays and then gave the kids the supplies to make a pretend cupcake. These were so cute that I thought about making them for Valentine's treat boxes for Boogs' class. Boogs asked for Star Wars Valentines.

Once a month, the Explorer's Club has Lego Lab. Boogs loves to go to Lego Lab. After you build your Lego creation, you write a name for it on a small plaque so that it can be displayed in the children's area until the next month's Lego Lab.

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  1. When we lived in Colorado we loved going to do the Home Depot projects. They don't have them in Germany. My daughter created a box like that a few years ago and we still have it.

    1. We have an entire shelf in Boogs' playroom devoted to projects that he has made, many are Home Depot projects. He said he thinks next month's project is one he has already done - the race car.