Sunday, December 9, 2012

Getting Crafty

Holiday preparations are in full swing. Boogs and I have been getting crafty to prepare for them.
My nieces and nephews prefer to receive money or gift cards for presents. I found this cute idea for giving them "Holiday Dough" HERE on Pinterest.

 Boogs worked on several projects this week. I can't show you what this is because he is making a few of them for different family members.
 I love his concentration and attention to detail.

 Of course we had to get in some handprint and footprint crafts.

 We already had a Christmas get together with my side of the family. Boogs gave these as his gifts. The big handprint is mine. I made it to tease my mom. Last year I gave her a footprint manger from both Boogs and I. She hung both of them up on her freezer.

I am almost finished with this year's batch of Snowman Soup, just need to add the marshmallow and staple on the topper.

This year's Christmas cards have been made and I have sent out a few. I just need to finish addressing a few more. I still need to decide what to bake for Christmas cookies this year. Any suggestions?

My first giveaway is featured in this post, please check it out.     

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