Thursday, August 4, 2011

Grandfather Tang's Story

 I put Boogs' toy storage unit together and now I just need to get it organized. Boogs was helping me unpack some of his toys, when he came across a package of tangrams. It is funny how new his toys seem since they have been in storage for 7 months. He has definitely outgrown a few things. I want to start a "donate" pile, but I can't do that while he is around. Anyway... back to the tangrams. Boogs asked what they were and how they work. I remembered that I had a book with "Grandfather Tang's Story" in it. So I got it out and we read it together. In the story, the grandfather creates many different animals with the tangrams. Each page shows how to make the animal on that page. Boogs was fascinated with being able to make so many different animals with only 7 shapes.

Two foxes
A hawk and a turtle
After the story, we played with the tangrams and made up our own animals and objects. Boogs asked if he could make an animal and make it stay. So I cut the seven shapes out of paper for him. I told him we could glue the shapes on another piece of paper and write down what he had created. He played with the paper shapes, but decided he really needed to think about it before he made it "unchangeable" with glueing it down.


  1. I just recently saw those tangrams for the first time...pretty cool.

  2. We have a tangram game, "Tangoes", that has two sets of tangrams. You turn over a card with a shape to make. The first one to complete the shape wins the card. I used to play it with my 3rd graders.