Sunday, November 21, 2010

Warrior Dash
My husband and I ran in the Warrior Dash yesterday. It was a 3.2 mile course with obstacles. We finished in 38 minutes. We got FILTHY! The obstacles were: climbing over wrecked cars, leaping over a couple of wooden barricades, climbing up and over a huge stack of hay bales, walking on a plank across a gully, mudslide, running through tires, running down the middle of a stream, rappelling down a ravine, crawling up and across cargo nets, threading your way through two sets of tangled ropes tied between trees, forging your way through the forest (this one was pretty lame), climbing up a tall cargo net, leaping over two sets of Warrior fires, and finally crawling through a mud pit under barbed wire. My husband's legs started hurting him at the beginning of the race. He was a sport and continued on even though he had to walk quite a bit. After we finished we washed off our hands so we could handle our camera without messing it up. When we went back to finish washing up later, they were out of water. We waited for 30 minutes and then gave up. We changed clothes and tried to rub as much dirt off as possible with a couple of dry towels we had brought from home. When we were semi-clean, we found a place to sit, ate turkey legs, listened to the band, and watched other people crawling through the mud pit. One guy did the backstroke through the mud. Other people leapt in and did belly flops. It was entertaining. I am ready to do it again. I loved the challenges. Thank goodness it was such a beautiful, warm, sunny day.




  1. Fantastic I have been wanting to do one for a while did the Spartan Race you should check it out

  2. I just signed up for the dash today for the one in Ohio in June. I'm curious, just what was involved with the rappelling? Any thoughts on wearing vibrams?

  3. Sunshine - There were people wearing Vibrams at the dash I attended. The pictures of the course on the Warrior Dash website make the challenges look intimidating. In reality, it was like the way I played as a kid...running, jumping, climbing, sliding in the mud. The rappelling was on a slanted board. On the way up the board, there was a knotted rope to help you up. On the way down, I just slid down. As long as you are in good enough shape to run three miles and do a bit of climbing, you will do fine.