Saturday, October 11, 2014

Rainy Saturday Morning

We had a huge rainstorm this morning with a little bit of thunder. Boogs and I decided to grab a few blankets and settle-in on the back porch to watch the rain. We eventually went and brought a few books to read while we listened to the rain.

Then Boogs remembered how much he enjoyed the walks we used to take in the rain. So, we suited up and headed outside. The first thing we had to do once we got in the rain, was find the perfect leaves for leaf racing. Leaf racing never gets old.
We stopped by the little park on the next street for a few minutes. The playscape was too slippery to climb on.
 Next, we took the trail to the bigger playground. It was very, very muddy.
 Boogs managed to stay upright and not get covered in mud.
We stopped by the bee tree to see what the bees were doing in the rain. They were covering the opening to their hive. We were able to get really close to observe them.
The rain had pretty much stopped by the time we made it to the big playground. Boogs enjoyed climbing up and down on its slippery surfaces. The park was closed last week. They just put the big awning over the playscape.
 We wanted to see if any water had accumulated in the big ditch. Usually, there is only grass here.
 The water was just deep enough to wash all of the mud off our boots.
 We found a lot of snails enjoying the wet weather.
Boogs took off his wet weather pants off for the walk home. Yes, he was still wearing his pajamas. That is what Saturdays are for.
About halfway home, Boogs decided to put his jacket over his face and let me lead him home. I only ran him into a couple of wet bushes. :-)
We had a great time on our two hour rainy walk. I was ready to get home and eat lunch.

I am just happy this walk did not turn out like one we took last year after a rainy day.
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Thursday, October 9, 2014

Lunches October 6th - 10th

Boogs lunches are inspired by the books we read together. I usually pack his lunches in ELBs or Laptop Lunchboxes.

3 Below: A Floors Novel by Patrick Carman
This is the second book in the Floors Trilogy. Boogs was super excited when I brought this home from my school library. He could not wait to start reading it. Leo and Remi are back for more strange adventures in the Whippet Hotel. At the end of the last book, Leo became the owner of the hotel. In this book, Leo must follow Merganzer Whippet's clues to come up with enough money ($7,000,000) to pay the back taxes on the hotel. Leo and Remi have to venture into the little known floors hidden beneath the hotel. Boogs really liked reading the chapter in which Leo and Remi seek help from the mad scientist, Dr. Flart. Dr. Flart has invented some whacky things. Flart's Fizz is a special type of drink that can cause burps big enough to scare away man-sized ants. We could not read through that chapter without laughing. Boogs asked for a lunch that showed Leo and Remi's adventures with Dr. Flart.

In the ELB lunchbox: almond butter & jelly man-sized ant, Babybel Remi burping after drinking a Flart's Fizz, four almond floogers, yellow pepper monkey hiding in the salad, iron box filled with salad dressing, blueberry and kiwi lighted tunnel.

Astronaut Handbook by Meghan McCarthy
I bought a package of Astronaut Ice Cream this past summer and have been waiting for a chance to put some ice cream in Boogs' lunchbox. The Astronaut Handbook is a short informative book which describes how to become an astronaut. It talks about how important it is to have a good education, to be able to pass fitness tests, to have good social skills, and training. It tells what kinds of food you might have while you are in space and even has a detailed diagram of a space toilet. This book was a little bit young for Boogs but he still enjoyed reading it. He really liked the "Fascinating Facts" page at the end of the book. He also really liked the astronaut ice cream. He said it tasted super creamy.

In the ELB lunchbox: salad with radish stars & moons, strawberry planets, ham & cheese roll-up planet rings, dried apricot moons behind dried mango stars, and astronaut ice cream.

I Scream Ice Cream! A Book of Wordles by Amy Krouse Rosenthal
This was a fun book of word play. It has sets of phrases that sound the same when you say them but have different meaning. The author calls them Wordles. Boogs and I had fun trying to guess what the matching Wordle would be before we turned each page. Some were easy - reindeer/rain, deer. Others were a bit harder - princess cape/prince escape. The Wordle I liked best was peace mittens, pea smitten. Boogs HATES peas and told me he would never be smitten with them. Boogs is trying to come up with a few Wordles of his own to share with me. I can't wait to hear them. 

In the Laptop Lunchbox: salad, plums, heroes okra chips, he rows pretzel sticks, Babybel I Scream boy, astronaut ice cream, peace mitten pb&j sandwich, and pea smitten peas. The only thing in this lunch Boogs did not touch were the peas.

This is my "Oops, slept until 7 better throw food in a box" lunch.
In the ELB lunchbox: crackers, cheese, dried mango, pistachios, ham, nectarine, hummus, and carrots.

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Sunday, October 5, 2014

October already?

Boogs keeps asking me how many days until Christmas vacation. He wants time to speed up, I want time to slow down. We have been enjoying our first bits of cool air in central Texas, the air conditioning is not running ALL day and night. Boogs spends every possible second he can hanging out with the neighborhood kids.

What's keeping us busy?

Swimming - we hung out at our neighborhood pool as much as we could before it closed for the season on September 30th.
Boogs is really improving his technique (not in this picture) with year-round swim team practices.
This weekend, Boogs participated in a swim meet for his year-round swim team. He improved his times from last year.
He remembered to go for a two-hand touch at the end of his butterfly swim.

Tang Soo Do - Boogs received his first stripe on his belt. He is very proud of this accomplishment.

Library Explorer Club - with the change in days for swim team practice, Boogs has been able to go back to the Explorer Club at our local library.
We have been spending a lot time outside. The weather is nice enough to eat dinner on the back porch. I found this gigantic badminton set. Look at the size of that birdie. It is soooo much easier to use than the real one. We love it!

Friday, October 3, 2014

Lunches Sept. 29th - Oct. 3

Boogs lunches are often inspired by the books we read together. We set aside time every day to snuggle up and listen to each other read. We have been reading more chapter books so I have been making fewer story themed lunches. I usually pack Boogs' lunches in ELBs and Laptop Lunchboxes.

World War Won by Dav Pilkey
Even though I made a mess of this lunch, I wanted to share it. (I accidentally smeared the cheese drawing when I was getting ready to put this lunch in the lunchbox.) Boogs is practically obsessed with reading comics and cartoons.  He really likes Dav Pilkey's books - Captain Underpants series, Dog Breath, Dogzilla, Kat Kong, and Twas the Night Before Thanksgiving. We found World War Won at our local library. It is a book published by Landmarks for the Written & Illustrated by Awards Contest for Students. The contest ran from 1985 to 1999. Dav Pilkey won the 1986 14 to 19 year old category for World War Won. The book is a beautifully drawn tale about two kings who want to rule everything. They try to outdo each other in weapons stockpiling. In the end, they realize that peace is a better alternative. This book reminded me of Dr. Seuss' Butter Battle Book. Boogs enjoyed this book and it inspired him to make his own cartoon book. The last two pages in the book show the book covers and faces of the winners from age 7 to age 19. It really intrigued Boogs that kids were able to have their own books published.

In the ELB lunchbox: grilled ham & cheese sandwich with (melted and smeared) cheese drawing on top, okra & carrot chips, strawberries and blueberries.

DIY lunchable in an ELB lunchbox: salami, cheese, yogurt pretzels, goldfish crackers, okra chips, carrot chips, pickles, and grapes.

The Best Homemade Kids' Lunches On the Planet by Laura Fuentes
This is a lunch friendly cookbook from the amazing force behind the Momables website. Momables is a very helpful lunch menu planning service. I bought this cookbook a few weeks ago and Boogs and I have been enjoying some of the recipes in it. One of his favorites is tuna mixed with avocado. I never would have thought to pair those two foods but Boogs loves it. In the Laptop lunchbox: Zbar, crackers, blackberries, salad, and tuna with avocado.

Puzzle lunch in an ELB: pb&j puzzle sandwich, cheese puzzle pieces, kiwi, yogurt, tomatoes, and broccoli.

Boogs asked if he could buy lunch at school because pizza is on the school lunch menu. So, I did not make a lunch today.

You can see all of my story themed lunches by clicking on the Lunches label at the end of this post or by visiting My Story Themed Lunches Pinterest page.

Thursday, September 25, 2014

BFF Shel Silverstein Blog Hop

Shel Silverstein's birthday is today. Bento Bloggers & Friends decided we should celebrate this day by having a bento lunch blog hop inspired by the wonderful, funny, creative, and heartwarming work of Shel Silverstein.

I asked Boogs to look through the Shel Silverstein books in his room and pick out a few to read to me. The first book he chose was A Giraffe and a Half. Boogs loved the silly rhymes and outrageous things that kept being piled on top of the giraffe. Eventually, the giraffe is able to get rid of the whale with a tail, a snake eating cake, a rat in a hat, and so many other things.

In the Laptop Lunchbox: pb&j giraffe sandwich, salami & cheese hat with a rat under it, fruit leather snake with yogurt pretzel cake, strawberry rose for his nose, pumpernickel pretzel flute for him to toot, pistachios, and salad.

The next day, Boogs decided to read A Light In the Attic. He put bookmarks by all of the poems he wanted turned into lunches. So here are a couple of them:

Hot Dog lunch in an ELB lunchbox: cheese toast with provolone HOT DOG PET letters, hot dogs for pets, cutie oranges, and salad.

Boogs chose these foods to put in his lunchbox because they reminded him of The Giving Tree. In the ELB lunchbox: spinach leaves to make a crown, tomato apples for eating, pretzel trunk for climbing, okra chip branches for swinging, Pringles chip branches for making into a house, 1/2 cereal bar trunk for making a boat, yogurt, kiwi, and ham.

Boogs laughed at the Batty poem from A Light In The Attic. The baby bat screamed out in fright, "Turn on the dark, I'm afraid of the light." We made this lunch full of the bright light that scared Batty. In the ELB lunchbox: pineapple sunlight, carrot stick sun beams, Pirate's Booty moon glow, dried mango lights under BAT graham crackers, cheese & ham bat sandwiches, almonds, and cottage cheese.

The next lunch is one I made last year for Boogs. I just recopied the parts of the post that were about Shel Silverstein's poem Sarah Cynthia Sylvia Stout Would Not Take the Garbage Out from Where The Sidewalk Ends.
I absolutely LOVED Shel Silverstein's poems when I was a kid. Boogs likes to hear them over and over again, too. My favorite poem in this book is Sarah Cynthia Sylvia Stout Would Not Take the Garbage Out. You can clearly imagine how disgusting the trash at Sarah's house is by the desciptive words used in the poem.  Of course I had to make Boogs a garbage lunch to go with this poem!
In the ELB lunchbox: garlic green baloney, chunks of cheese, gristly bits of beefy roasts beef jerky, cold french fries, withered greens salad, crusts of black burned buttered toast croutons, and peach pit plum pieces.

Now that you have seen the Shel Silverstein lunches I have made, click on the Shel Silverstein Blog Hop button the see the lovely lunch made by Sarah for Zoe's Lunchbox.

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Friday, September 19, 2014

Lunches Sept. 15th - 18th

I have had laryngitis and was told by my doctor not to talk or whisper for several days this week. That made bedtime books a bit tricky. Luckily, we have a few books on tape at home. My husband read with Boogs a couple of night this week.

Boogs and I listened to My Dog Never Says Please by Suzanne Williams one night this week.
 Ginny Mae feels like she is being treated unfairly by her parents and brother. She noticed what an easy life her dog, Ol' Red, has.  Ol' Red can go barefoot outside, does not have to show manners when he eats, he doesn't have to clean up his doghouse. Ginny Mae gets so upset with her family she decides she would rather live with her dog. Soon, she joins Ol' Red in the doghouse. She quickly discovers that dogs have fleas, have to be outside during rainstorms, get lonely, and have boring food.

In the Laptop Lunchbox: strawberries, broccoli trees, doggy kibble almonds, rawhide chew  banana chips, pretzel sticks for fetching, chocolate chip zucchini muffin Ginny Mae, and ham & cheese Ol' Red.

We finished reading Floors by Patrick Carmen.
Boogs really enjoyed this book. Leo, the son of the maintenance man at the Whippet Hotel, worked very hard to save the hotel after Mr. Whippet disappeared. He followed clues and conquered the crazy obstacles set in his way. The lunch on top shows the part of the book where Leo rides a roller coaster to retrieve a special ring. Blop the robot gets lost during this task.

In the Laptop Lunchbox: salad, blueberries, salami & cheese robot, pretzel ring, nutella roller coaster car sandwich, and dried apricots.

By the end of the book, Leo manages to save the day.  This simple lunch shows the deed for the Whippet Hotel on top of pb&j sandwich, Pirates Booty, carrots with hummus, and plum slices. We have already checked out the second book in the series but are having to wait until my voice comes back before we can read it.

 Lunch in an ELB lunchbox: salad, cutie oranges, macadamia nuts, yogurt, Hawaiian roll, and ham.
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Talk Like A Pirate Day Lunch

Arrrr! Well me matey 'tis that time o' year again, Talk Like a Pirate Day. Boogs and I read The Pirate Cruncher by Jonny Duddle in honor of this special day.
Captain Purplebeard and his crew heard tale of amazing treasure from an odd looking old fiddler. The fiddler appeared to have marionette strings above him. The pirates were so greedy they did not notice how odd the fiddler was. They quickly trusted him and boarded their ship to search for treasure. When they were far out to sea, the fiddler warned them about the Pirate Cruncher Monster of the Deep. Overcome with greed, the pirates did not heed his warning and they paid dearly for this mistake. Boogs thought this was a cute book. The illustrations are vibrant and detailed. We both enjoyed reading this book.
In the ELB lunchbox: salami boat with quesadilla pirate crew, snow pea monster tentacles, Pirate's Booty sun in the sky, macadamia nuts treasure, pirate standing on an island surrounded by berries of sea, and a salad with crossbones.

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Be sure to check out the wonderful sites I link to on my sidebar! If you want to see more book inspired lunches, click on the "lunches" label at the end of this post or go to My Story Themed Lunches board on Pinterest. I would love for you to leave a comment to let me know you stopped by.