Friday, December 9, 2016

Cutesy Elf 2016 - Days 7, 8, 9

It is so much fun to wake up and see what Cutesy has been up to while we slept. He sure is an active little elf. We think Elfy is a bit of a troublemaker.

Day 7 - Cutesy and Elfy brought Boogs a little treat, a roll of Hubba Bubba gum tape. Unfortunately, it looks like they sampled the roll before they gave it to Boogs. I'm sure this was all Elfy's idea.
Boogs thought Elfy and Cutesy looked cute blowing bubbles. He was happy the elves brought him gum tape but then he noticed the bite they took out of the gum. Boogs said he was really annoyed by it.
Day 8 - Boogs woke up to find Cutesy asleep in his room. Cutesy had a little sign on top of his sleeping bag that said, "Was I snoring?"
Day 9 - Cutesy worked really hard to prepare this Nerf spinner activity. I am pretty sure he found the idea HERE. Cutesy must have found the bag of extra pvc pieces left over from Boogs' 10th birthday party when he and his guests made marshmallow shooters.
Cutesy left eight little circles with a note, "You can decorate these and put them on targets."
Boogs and I had a fun battle before school that almost made us late.

Do you have an elf visiting your house? Leave a comment with your link. I would love to see what Cutesy's elf cousins are doing at other people's houses. To see pictures of Cutesy's previous visits you can click HERE to go to his pinterest board.

Tuesday, December 6, 2016

Cutesy the Elf 2016 Days 4, 5, 6

Boogs is enjoying Cutesy's visit this year. He keeps offering me suggestions for things Cutesy can do during this visit. I have a feeling this will most likely be Cutesy's last year with us. So, Cutesy better make it a good one.

On Sunday, Boogs awoke to find that Cutesy had set up a couple of chain reactions.
 Boogs thought they were pretty neat. He started each of the reactions and then played with the materials for at least an hour. We had fun video taping them in slow motion.
Cutesy also left a little packet of pictures and instructions for Boogs to use. It looks like he used ideas from Frugal Fun For Boys & Girls.

Oh no! Elfy came back on Monday. Elfy is a little elf that Cutesy tried to mentor a couple of years ago. Elfy likes to cause loads of mischief. It looked like Cutesy worked hard to decorate Boogs' bathroom. He left a little note, "I hope you like my decorations."
Elfy had a note and a black marker in his hand. Elfy's note said, "I hope you like my decorations too. Hee Hee." Elfy drew a big black spider on the toilet paper roll. Scary!
Elfy also Saran Wrapped the toilet and put a bug in it. Boogs said he jumped a little when he saw that bug. Boogs liked Cutesy's decorations but was "annoyed" with Elfy.
 On Tuesday morning, it looked like Cutesy gathered some friends to play Pin the Nose on Rudolph.
Cutesy had an interesting group with him. There was the Kirby balloon from Boogs' 9th birthday in 2015, the robot from his 3rd birthday, and he was wearing the Lego pinata mask from Boogs' 6th birthday. (I think I might secretly be a hoarder.)
We are excited every morning to see what nonsense and smiles Cutesy will bring. Do you have an elf visiting your house? Leave a comment with your link. I would love to see what Cutesy's elf cousins are doing at other people's houses. To see pictures of Cutesy's previous visits you can click HERE to go to his pinterest board.

Saturday, December 3, 2016

Cutesy The Elf Is Back!

We love Cutesy the Elf! About a week before Thanksgiving, Boogs started reminding me of all the nonsense and mischief Cutesy gets up to each year at our house. He repeatedly told me that Cutesy always comes on December 1st. I think he still really enjoys the elf's visit. I am a little sad that this is the year Boogs decided not to go see Santa at the mall. Sigh, he is growing up.

This will be the sixth Christmas Cutesy has visited us. Here is a picture of the letter he came with when he first arrived. Unlike the Elf on the Shelf, Cutesy is fun to play with, can be touched, and only tells Santa about his visit on Christmas Eve when Santa stops by the house. Boogs is happy that Cutesy is not a spy and does not lose his magic when he is touched.
Here is a picture of the first day Boogs met Cutesy. Boogs was so little then.
Cutesy came back this year on December 1st. He wrote a message with mint flavored M&Ms, had a letter, and made sure there was a joke tucked into his pocket. Cutesy brings jokes every day during his stay with us. This year, I think he found his jokes HERE and HERE.
Cutesy's letter said, "I am so excited to be back with you again. Elfy tried to take my place but I beat him at a game of Ice Crystal-Sun-Cloud. Ho Ho Ho Christmas is coming. Love, Cutesy"
Boogs decided that the game Cutesy won was a different version of Rock-Paper-Scissors. Sun beats Ice Crystal, Ice Crystal beats Cloud, and Cloud can cover the sun. Boogs was thrilled to see Cutesy back. Boogs had a little trouble remembering Elfy. Maybe Elfy will sneak by for a quick visit soon. Elfy was very mischievous. One year, Elfy came to be mentored by Cutesy. Elfy ended up opening and playing with one of Boogs' Christmas presents. Boogs was not happy with him at all!

On December 2nd, Cutesy brought back the tree he delivers to Boogs' playroom each year. Cutesy also brought a few new candy cane ornaments for Boogs to add to the tree. Of course Cutesy had a joke with him.
Day three with Cutesy brought a little nonsense to the house. Cutesy made this gingerbread house for Boogs.
 Boogs thought it was great. He laughed about it.
Then he had to get down and take a closer look. Boogs thought it was pretty clever. Cutesy delivers a gingerbread house for Boogs to decorate each year he visits.
 There was another message on the back of the note. It said, "Search high, search low, to the snowman gathering you must go." Boogs immediately knew he had to go to the snowman village to see if anything was there.
 Cutesy had put a gingerbread house and our Gingerbread Baby book under the coffee table.
It took a little bit of maneuvering to get it out of there. I was afraid we were going to have to lift up the entire table.
Boogs is very happy to have Cutesy in the house. He is super excited to wake up each morning and see Cutesy's latest antics. Do you have an elf visiting your house? Leave a comment with your link. I would love to see what Cutesy's elf cousins are doing at other people's houses. To see pictures of Cutesy's previous visits you can click HERE to go to his pinterest board.

It's Beginning to Look Like Christmas

2016 is almost over. We are ready for the last few weeks of school to pass by so we can enjoy our Christmas break.

Boogs helped me pick out twelve treats to include in his teacher's 12 Days Until Christmas Break gift basket.
We put together one of these basket each year for his homeroom teacher. This year's basket has some fun things in it. Boogs' teacher has a pet ferret for the classroom, so we included a toy for the ferret. His teacher likes pickles. I found some dill pickle flavored icee pops. (Eww!) The gift basket comes with a note that says:
There is an envelope in the basket that says, "Open me last." When that envelope is opened, it is revealed that the gift basket came from Boogs.

I found these printable reindeer cards and directions for making these HERE. I am going to give them to the ladies on my team at work.
I think they are adorable. I really like the EOS lip balm. I used the Summer Fruit scent because it was the best red color for Rudolph's nose.
The day after Thanksgiving, Boogs and I dragged all of our Christmas decorations out of the attic.

Boogs loves looking through all of the ornaments. Every year he gets to pick out a new ornament that he will eventually take with him when he is grown up and leaves our house. (Sniff!)
We had to wait a day or two to place the topper on the tree. Daddy always lifts Boogs up to put it on.
 Boogs is so big, they had to try a couple of times to get it.
December 25th will be here before we know it.

Thanksgiving 2016

Boogs and I were out of school for the week of Thanksgiving. We played with friends, watched a lot of tv, and prepared for hosting Thanksgiving dinner for 19 people. We took time to go see the new JK Rowling movie - Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them. Boogs LOVED the movie!
Daddy took Boogs to get his mop of hair cut. Boogs has decided to let his hair grow long. I wonder what that means to him. He is such a cutie.
Boogs took some time this week to start working on his idea for Daddy's Christmas gift. Here is a sneak peek. Yes, he is wearing shorts without a shirt because it is November in Texas. Boogs had fun using the spray paint. We tried not to get it all over us.
Thanksgiving Day was busy at our house. It was fun to have family over for a big meal. We ran out of room at the big table so Boogs, Poppa, and little J sat at the card table.
 The rest of us squeezed around the big table. We were definitely elbow to elbow.

Daddy took on the big job of separating the meat from the turkey bones.
After dinner, people split up into different areas of the house. Some watched football, some watched a movie, some played in the playroom, and some took naps.
The house felt very quiet after everyone left.  It was a great day.

Saturday, November 19, 2016

Big Catch-Up

Grandmaman, it has been a long time since I posted pictures for you. So here is a BIG catch-up.

Boogs let his hair grow out all summer. It was odd not seeing him with a buzz cut.
The week before school started he had his hair "shaped", not cut. He wanted to keep the length. Top picture is the before the shaping and below is the after pic. Then we had to try out many, many different hair products to get the perfect amount of spike in his hair. He is such a cutie.

We spent a lot of time the first nine weeks of school dealing with an infected bug bite. Boogs had to sit around with moist heat compresses on his arm. It took three rounds of antibiotics to clear it up. That extra sitting around time helped Boogs make straight A's on his report card the first nine weeks of school.
Here he is hanging out with me at school on a Monday morning before class with his hair perfectly pointy.
We have a new superintendent in our school district. The superintendent visited every school in the district and had students lead him around the schools to tell him what they liked about their school. Boogs was one of four kiddos chosen at our school to tell the superintendent about our elementary school. Boogs kind of dressed up for the occasion.
As a big 5th grader, Boogs is able to participate in Safety Patrol at morning drop off.
He is very polite as he opens doors and helps the little kids out of their cars.
Boogs QUEST class is working on creating a community. Each student has to apply for a job. Boogs chose to apply for the position of Judge. I love his reasons: I can tell when people lie. I do not make rash decisions. I do not go easy on friends or go hard on enemies. I do not end trials just to leave. Finally, I have already had experience.  I asked Boogs about his experience and he told me he had helped judge and settle a dispute on the playground among some of his friends. (On another note, Boogs weekly occupational therapy is really improving his handwriting.)
We have been keeping busy during our afternoons and weekends. Boogs and I spent some time working with his building kit.
Boogs enjoyed bowling at a friend's birthday party.
Daddy took us to Fiesta Texas last month. The entire park was decked out with Halloween props.
Boogs and Daddy had to take a picture with Daddy's favorite Looney Toon character, Taz.
Spending so much time at home occasionally brought out the weird in Boogs.
Boogs and I went through a bunch of cook books to find some new ideas for dinner. Boogs chose grilled bacon wrapped shrimp one night. He found out how slippery it was to skewer the bacon and shrimp, but it tasted amazing. I love it when he wants to cook.
Daddy's friend took us out to a shooting range. Boogs was able to try a .22 rifle.
He was a very accurate shooter. He tried out the rifle with and without a silencer.
He shot the target from 25 yards and then from 100 yards.
Daddy and I also did some target practice. We shot several different rifles and also a few handguns.
Boogs has enjoyed hanging out with his friends from his old school.
And of course, we have made time to get together with the JBoys.
I love this picture of the four of them walking in a line.
We have found all sorts of ways to get dirty and worn out.
Boogs was so tired after the JBoys spent the night, he fell asleep in the middle of the afternoon.
Boogs is still playing indoor soccer and is really enjoying it.
Boogs decided to wear one of his old costumes for Halloween.
Daddy took him out trick-or-treating while I stayed home and handed out candy. Boogs came home with 5.5 pounds of candy.
Math Pentathlon has started back up at school. Boogs and I are practicing the math games at home.
Boogs is also working on learning the 50 states and their capitals. I made a concentration matching game for him to get extra practice. 
This past week, Boogs took a voice lesson. He has told us that he wants to be in choir when he goes to middle school next year. He has not had much experience reading notes or singing in front of people, so we are having him try out voice lessons to see if he likes it.
Yesterday, we had Thanksgiving lunch at school. Nonnie and Poppa came to join Boogs for lunch.
Boogs kept making this weird face when I tried to get a picture of him with Poppa.
I was able to eat lunch with him, too. 
We did not manage to get a picture with all four of us in the same shot.
It is so hard to believe that Thanksgiving is in a few days. This year has sped by so quickly. Boogs and I get to enjoy an entire week off of school for Fall Break. I plan on being extra lazy (except for Thursday when I will have Thanksgiving Dinner for 20 people at my house) until I have to go back to work. Happy Fall Y'all!