Friday, June 8, 2018

Goodbye 6th Grade

WOW! How did this school year go by so fast? It seems like I only posted this first day of 6th grade picture the other day. We have made it a tradition to pose in front of our front door on the first and last day of each school year so we can see Boogs' growth over the school year. Boogs usually wears the same clothes on the first and last day of the year.
1st Day
Last day
I can't believe I am posting his last day of school picture. He is still wearing the same shirt, but those pants are no longer with us, they had a gigantic hole ripped in the knee shortly after the first day of school. Plus, it is way too hot to wear pants right now, 100 degree days. Boogs was so happy for the last day of school to arrive. I made sure to tell him there were only 69 days until his first day of 7th grade. I'm so mean!

Here are a few pics of Boogs' school year.
He looks so grown up heading off to wait for the bus. He only rode the bus one time. A neighbor organized a carpool for three families. The bus to his school picks up 6th grade through 12th grade. He said there was a lot of bad language and bad attitudes on the bus. I was happy to carpool.
This is what he wore to the first 6th grade dance. It was funny. Most of the boys stayed in the gym to play basketball while most of the girls were dancing in the cafeteria.
Boogs "allowed" me to chaperone his first dance. He told me I could not take pictures, but I could not resist. I was "banned" from chaperoning the two other dances he attended this year.
He was running away from me so quickly, I could only get a couple of blurry pics.
Boogs played the trombone this year. He seems to really like it and is going to continue with band next year. He had two concert performances this year.
Can you see his little blond head in the center of the band? Next year, he will be in the Symphonic Band.
The last school dance he went to was 1980s themed. Boogs wanted me to help him copy the hairstyle of the lead singer of The Flock of Seagulls. I think we nailed it.
Since I was banned from attending the dance, we took a few "sullen rocker" posed pictures before the dance. He said he had a lot of fun but the kids really didn't know who he was. Several kids asked if he was Wolverine.
Daddy tried to get the perfect rocker shot.
 Nailed it!

Boogs asked me to chaperone his 6th grade field trip. He told me he would like for me to come but that does NOT lift the school dance ban.
His class went to a really neat place called The Science Mill in Johnson City, Texas. It took 1.5 hours to get there. There were at least 50 hands-on exhibits, a 3D Meerkat movie, a lesson on programming a mini robot, and time outside to explore some larger exhibits. He asked if we could go back to the Science Mill this summer with a few friends and really explore everything.

Middle school took a bit of getting used to. The independence expectations are high with very little communication with parents. The kids were expected to relay information to parents. Sometimes this was rough. Sometimes Boogs had to stay up way past his bedtime to complete assignments before due dates. Sometimes he lost points for late work and sometimes he failed to turn work in.

Getting a treat for making all A Honor Roll for the six weeks.
Boogs has grown and matured so much this year. We are very proud of him.

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