Sunday, December 17, 2017

Cutesy the Elf 2017 Week 2

We had a great time waking up to see Cutesy's mischief and surprises each morning. We are counting on from last week's day 7.

Day 8: Cutesy brought back the Santa shower curtain and Santa toilet cover.
Cutesy made a new snowman decoration out of toilet paper rolls.
Unfortunately, that sneaky Elfy helped decorate, too. Elfy switched out the roll of toilet paper for a roll of duct tape. Yikes! He wrote This could get sticky. Hee hee! on the duct tape roll.
Day 9: Cutesy must have know that Boogs read part of the Secret Series books last year. Cutesy brought him Write This Book.  It guides the reader through the process of writing their own mystery book. Boogs was intrigued by this book and has started working on his own mystery.
Day 10: Cutesy and Elfy were playing with Tangoes, a tangram puzzle game. Elfy made a cat and Cutesy made a swan.
Day 11: Every year, Cutesy does something to Boogs' bedroom door. This year he put up a special string of lights. Boogs had to crawl through the bottom string to get our of his room.
Boogs asked me to help him move the lights so he could easily enter and exit his room. Now, the lights frame the doorway. I'm sure they will remain there until New Year's Day.
Day 12: Cutesy was snuggled into a new hooded bathrobe this morning. The robe fit Boogs perfectly.
Day 13: Uh-oh! In previous years, Cutesy has had to watch out for that evil Purple Minion. On Day 13, we don't think the 13th day was a coincidence, Purple Minion let in a spider who tried to have Cutesy for lunch. Good thing Boogs was able to rescue him before it was too late.
Day 14: Cutesy had a lollipop and a sign that read: How many licks does it take to get to the center of a Tootsie Roll Tootsie Pop?  Boogs and I watched that old commercial a while back. Cutesy must have been thinking of it.
When we came home from school, an owl had finished the Tootsie Roll Pop and left a message that said "3".
There are only 10 more days of Cutesy before he leaves on Christmas Eve. We can't wait to see what he does next. To see other Cutesy antics click here for my Cutesy the Elf board on Pinterest.

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