Thursday, December 10, 2015

Cutesy the Elf Days 6 - 10

Cutesy the Elf has been a ton of fun to have around. He keeps surprising us each morning with his activities, antics, and treats.

Cutesy likes to make sure the house is properly decorated for the Christmas season. Every year, he decorates Boogs' bathroom. Some years, he gift wraps the toilet. This year, he put up the Santa shower curtain, put the Santa seat cover on, put down a Santa floor mat, and strung colorful lights all around the toilet.
Boogs laughed out loud when he saw it but he was worried about getting electrocuted if he tried to use the bathroom with the Christmas lights wrapped around the toilet. He asked me to take them off.

Cutesy must have found the Science vocabulary flash cards Boogs was studying because he turned those vocabulary words into a crack-the-code puzzle.
The answer to the puzzle led to a candy pooping reindeer hidden under the couch.
Boogs got right to work trying to crack the code. Every year, Cutesy leaves some kind of code to crack that goes along with what Boogs is working on at school. Cutesy is such a smart little elf. I sure like it when Cutesy makes Boogs think.

Cutesy was sitting on the coffee table coloring a gingerbread house with an extra coloring sheet for Boogs to color. Cutesy brings a new Christmas joke every day. Today's joke was: Why do Mummies like Christmas so much? Because of all the wrapping.

Boogs found Cutesy sitting in an elf bubble bath on the kitchen counter. He brought an ornament filled with marshmallow scented Minion bubble bath for Boogs to use in the big bath tub.

Cutesy brought back the little Christmas tree for Boogs' playroom. Every year, Cutesy brings it back with an ornament to add to it. This year he brought a reindeer ornament with the initial of Boogs' first name.

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