Saturday, May 3, 2014

Science Share Night

Way back in October, Boogs asked if he could make a potato clock for the Science Share Night at school. We bought a potato clock kit and then forgot all about it until the notice came home to sign up for Science Share Night.

Boogs had to write up his question, hypothesis, materials, and resources before he could start experimenting.

Boogs decided he wanted to see what could make the clock run besides potatoes. He picked out a few things from the produce section to use in his experiment.
 He tested potatoes, apples, bananas, lemons, and sweet potatoes.

Everything he tried made the clock work. I went in Boogs' playroom and got out a couple of foam balls. I asked Boogs to predict whether or not the foam balls would make the clock work. He said no and he was correct.
Daddy wondered if the clock would work with water. It only worked if you used two separate glasses of water, it would not work with the zinc and copper electrodes in one water glass. Boogs and Daddy experimented with tap water, bottled spring water, and distilled water.
Then, Daddy helped Boogs word the conclusion for his experiment. Boogs practiced what he would say to people who came by his booth to view his experiment.

Boogs had quite a few "customers" come by and try out his experiment on various items.
Boogs also enjoyed viewing the other booths at Science Share. He really enjoyed spending time with the snails.
Boogs and a friends had fun trying out the different pieces of wood, sand paper, and carpet to make ramps for toy cars to go down.

Boogs had a fun time at Science Share Night. He is already thinking about what kind of experiment he will do next year.

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