Friday, May 9, 2014

"Inactive" Week

For the past couple of weeks, Boogs has been having some intermittent pain behind his ribs when he is very active. Last week, he had to sit out during a soccer game and leave swim practice early. So, I took him to his doctor to get him checked out.

His x-rays came back normal. Boogs did great during the x-rays. The doctor diagnosed Boogs with an intercostal (rib) strain. I was told to have Boogs limit his physical activity for a week. Boy has it been a long week!

We spent part of the week getting ready for Boogs' stingray presentation for school. Boogs has been studying stingrays' habitat, appearance, predators, life cycle, senses, and ways they are in danger. Boogs has learned a lot about them. He had to come up with an original product to go with his presentation. Boogs decided to make a "replacement tail" for stingrays whose tails were damaged or torn off by hungry sharks. He had a friend help him make a paper mache model of his replacement tail.

My husband and I thought it would be funny if Boogs introduced himself during his presentation as Boogs Cousteau, the great-great grandson of the famous marine explorer Jacques Cousteau. Then my husband had Boogs watch Peter Sellers as Inspector Clouseau in The Pink Panther movie to copy Sellers' fake French accent. Boogs worked hard to prepare his speech and perfect his accent. It was fun watching him give his presentation. He did a great job!

The evening Quest Fair was held on Wednesday. Boogs happily shared his research with whomever came by his booth.
We have a little family of cottontail bunnies living behind our backyard fence. They frequently hop into the yard to snack on our grass. We threw a couple of carrots in the backyard to see if they would eat them. The next day there were a few nibbles taken out of two of the carrots. I had to remind Boogs that he was supposed to be taking it easy so that he would not try and capture one of the bunnies.
Boogs completed his "week of rest" and was able to go to swim evaluations for summer swim team on Thursday. He was soooooo happy to be freely moving around again. He said he did not hurt too much. We will see how it goes. Five days a week swim team practice begins this coming Monday.

 The first jump into the outdoor pool was COLD!!!

Hopefully, the rest has helped Boogs' rib strain. I am still encouraging him to take it a bit easier than usual but that is really hard to do when you are 8.