Thursday, January 19, 2012

My Silly Boy

Some days Boogs makes me laugh and some days he makes me want to scream. Last week, he decided to cut his own hair at school.

Beautiful, isn't it? He also managed to cut his forehead with his scissors. We had a loooooong talk about it. This is the second time he has cut his hair at school this year. I told him that if he cuts his hair again, I will shave his head bald. His daddy told him that he would be "screen-less & electronic-less" for a month if he cut his hair again - no computer, tv, Wii, iPhone games, remote control robot, or anything with batteries. Boogs  has promised that he won't do it again. We will see.

The lady that has been cutting Boogs hair since his first haircut, gave him a little bit of a hard time when we went to get his hair fixed. She made Boogs pinky swear that he would not do it again.

Cute things Boogs has done recently:
* Hide under the table pretending to be a cat. He kept hissing and yelling, "POOF!" I asked him what the "poof" meant and he said, "I just shed a bunch of my hair so your allergies will act up." He thinks he is pretty funny.

* Filling in a homework graph, "I am going to scribble in the squares on my graph. I love scribbling. Scribbling is freedom to me."

* "Did you know that a wren is a bird? Why do they call him I-wren-man (Ironman)? He is not like a bird at all."

* When playing MarioKart on the Wii, Boogs would stand up and blow kisses to his imaginary audience every time he came in first place.

* Comment when eating rice pilaf: "If feels awkward in my mouth. It tastes awful, just too awkward for me to eat."

There are so many things that he says and does that I want to remember so I can tell him about them when he is older. I wish my brain worked better.

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