Thursday, February 3, 2011

Little Kid Stilts

I bought a pair of little-kid stilts, or what Natural Earth Farm sells as "branch walking blocks", for Boogs. I bought them for Christmas, but then forgot about them. It was 80 degrees outside on Monday, so we took the stilts on our walk to the mailbox. Boogs had a hard time with them. He kept forgetting to keep the rope tight when he took a step. He got a little bit better the more he used them. I think these will be great for his balance and coordination. He seemed to have a lot of fun with them. He really liked it when the big kid (age eleven) across the street said they were cool and wanted to try them out.
Look at him go!
Oops! Lost my balance.

Boogs took this picture.

Boogs looked at this page while I was adding the pictures. He wanted me to tell Grandmaman he is having fun, but he misses you and loves you.

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