Thursday, September 23, 2010

Halloween is creeping in

Boogs went with his Daddy to look at Halloween displays at several stores. I told my husband that was fine with me as long as he realized that nightmare patrol (getting up multiple times in the night to calm down a screaming boy) was all his responsibility. Luckily, Boogs has not had any bad nightmares for the past couple of days. Every night before he goes to bed he asks to tell him a good thing to dream about so he won't have a nightmare. These dream ideas have become part of our nightly routine. I am very surprised  the Halloween decoration my husband let Boogs purchase has not kept him up at night. Count Dracula tried to fly into Boogs' bedroom and got flattened against the door. Here is a picture of Boogs' bedroom door:
While I am tucking him in at night, Boogs asks me to close the door so he can't see Dracula.  I told him we would get out the Halloween decorations this weekend. is going to be a long time until October 31st.

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