Friday, May 7, 2010

Sneaky boy

Yesterday, Boogs was told by his Daddy to finish his breakfast. I came in the kitchen a few minutes later and Boogs asked me for help. I asked what he needed help with and he said he needed help hiding the rest of his food. So we had a conversation about being sneaky. I asked him if he thought is was a good idea to try and hide stuff like that. His response was a shrug of his shoulders and these words, "Well, if the parents don't know..." Wow, he is too little to start thinking like this. Funny that as he was telling me this he was not thinking of me as one of "the parents". I am not ready for my little boy to grow up. By the way, he did finish eating his breakfast.


  1. Ugh! Chickie has been lying lately. We have to have those talks too!

  2. Why did they start lying all of the sudden? Is that a 4-year-old thing? I hope it is a phase Boogs quickly outgrows.