Sunday, May 16, 2010

Random Comments

Here are a few of my favorite Boogs’ comments from last week:
  • “Yummm…that salad dressing is so good it makes me fall down. Luckily, I fell down gently and didn’t really get hurt.”
  • While playing dragons and dinosaurs, “I have to shoot dragon fire at the T-rex before he could devour all our friends.”
  • “The dragon fell asleep with three unfamiliar animals.”
  • “Wow! Lizards sure are speedy little creatures.”
  • “Momma, you’ve got to be kidding me. That does not sound very interesting to me.”
  • “I know dragons, trolls, and centaurs are just made up things but unicorns are real. They have one horn that they use for protection and to fight off their enemies. But they are really alive.”
I questioned Boogs on the meaning of devour and unfamiliar and he knows their meanings. Some days the things he says just really surprise me. What is going in his brain?

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