Thursday, May 13, 2010

Does Every Kid Like the Dentist's Office As Much As My Boy?

Boogs gets so excited when he knows it is almost time to go to the dentist. He frequently tells me how much he loves to go because the dentist doesn't give shots like the doctor does. We arrived at the office a  bit early so Boogs would have time to play. This office is a little piece of heaven for kids: video games, train table, trains, books, toys, and a mechanical riding horse that does not require quarters. It is hard to get Boogs to leave the waiting room. Boogs had his first dental appointment when he was 18 months old. We have gone back for check-ups every six months. Every time we go, the dentist and the assistants compliment Boogs on his excellent behavior and cooperation. Today he had to have x-rays. I was waiting in another area and I heard Boogs complaining about the bite plate hurting. So I walked into the x-ray room and convinced Boogs to pretend that the bite plates were bones and he was a hungry puppy dog who just wanted to hold onto his bone. Worked like a charm. He finished the x-rays and had an easy check-up. His teeth are in excellent condition. The office gives out a token at the end of the exam for the kids to put in a gumball-type machine. Boogs got two tokens (like he does each time we go) because he is such a good patient. I hope he continues to enjoy his visits to the dentist. The kid in the next chair was having a very different (LOUD & SCREAMING) check-up experience. I love my boy.

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  1. I love the dog bone idea! I'll probably steal it. Thanks. :)